Be Present

Be present !!

This is the answer to all your anxieties and depressions. I said to myself. why do even think of something and overburden yourself when you know it’s non-existent yet.

Be present!!

Even if you have to remind this to yourself every minute,then do it.

Mistakes made in the moment are better than any cautious step thought of in advance to correct the future,which ironically defeats the purpose of living,

Be present!!

Your future self will thank you for that.

Because your past has already forgotten you so why is that you keep reminding yourself of it. Be selfish in this.Think of today,think for now.

Be present!!

Nothing is written in the stars or on the lines of your palms.It’s you who will make the starry sky for your ownself only if you learn to live right now.if you do,you know, all the cosmos are yours to define.

Be present!! Just be present!!


Solo Travelling


Once you start travelling solo you will figure out the untold truths of this life.You will grow,you will figure out what inspire You,You will know what scares you the most,You will create your own dreams, You will your own stunning clarity, Your own  beliefs and your will start trusting your guts, which makes the difference and brings out a whole new dimension of yourself ..


If you limit yourself when will you live?

If you project your fears,when will you love?

If you can’t lose yourself,how will you find?

If you don’t love everything around you,how will you be happy?

I met you in wonderland of Happiness

4f94dcb902792ffc8c2826a0784c5640Like a part of you staying within..

Your beautiful eyes speaks the words of silence..

And when you speak you create violence..

There is so much unheard..

There is so much unspoken..

But at the glance of your face like the sun burns..

You remind me of an illusion so beautiful..

A reflection so pure and the love you will forever endure 

Dreaming of a dream to be with you..

Filled every moment that was left unsaid,undone,unspoken..

Become a whole being on your own..


There is a lot of wonderful time to be spent discovering yourself..

Go on adventures,fall a sleep in the woods with friends, wonder around the city at Night,sit in a coffee shop on your own,write on bathroom stalls,Leave notes in Library books,dress up for your self,smile a lot..

Live for yourself and be happy on your own,It is not any less beautiful,I promise..

-Emery Allen